DM Episodes 12.5 & 13: Yami Bakura, the Differences

Everyone remember last entry about the things in common? Yeah, me neither. Lemme see if I can piece what I was going to say back together.

The only hints are two screencaps I took that have been sitting on my desktop for four months.

Oh yeah! This thing! It’s time for…

Random Powers of the Millennium Puzzle!


-Container for Yami Yugi’s soul

-Capable of psychically locating Jonouchi (re: Chapter 12)

Allows Jonouchi to topdeck


-Container for Yami Yugi’s soul

Send psychic messages to Pegasus


-Can… switch which souls are in which cards?


No really, they don’t explain this. Just, Passionate Duelist starts playing, some magical effects happen, and the two Bakuras are switched. Black Magician attacks the Lady of Faith and Yami Bakura is sent to the graveyard. The end.


In the manga, the body switching thing happens after the game, and is due to some in-game magic that White Wizard Bakura can do. It doesn’t make much more sense, but at least it’s not adding random powers to the Millennium Puzzle that aren’t explained and could have been used elsewhere in the story.

The other screencap is this one:

which is… holy dangling plot threads, Batman.

See, when Bakura’s dad bought the Ring from the totally-not-suspicious-looking booth in Egypt, he received the Ring and a card, the Seven-Armed Fiend (the name is partially obscured in the episode). It cleverly has 666 ATK and DEF. Wrong mythology, anime. The Seven-Armed Fiend never shows up in the main canon again.

[The manga doesn’t talk about how Bakura got hold of the ring at all; I don’t think it even mentions that it came from his dad. He just has it.]

Weirdly, Capsule Monsters of all things picks this back up. It’s one of Alexander the Great’s ace monsters (although it only takes one episode to defeat). Each arm has an effect, which doesn’t really mean anything for here because it’s Capsule Monsters, not Duel Monsters.


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